The Government and the recession has taken a lot of your margin over the last few years. You can gain a lot of this back by being better organised, reducing stock levels, increasing services and developing your front of shop.

 Joe Pototzki РPharmacy Cost Saver


Staff Planning

You will get an optimised staffing plan, which will be primarily determined by your customer demand, scheduling in terms of total number of employees and their roles at specific times of the day, week and each month.

Cost Reduction

I can help you navigate the risks and regulations and position yourself to pull ahead of your competition. I help organisations work smarter and grow faster to execute lasting beneficial change.

Fresh Outside Look

You get a Fresh Outside Look at your pharmacy business from the efficiency, productivity, stock control and buying power point of view. Streamlining processes to add value.

Sign & Display Solutions

Pharmacy Improvement Solutions to increase your brand awareness, support marketing efforts, utilise unused space and consistently advertise your pharmacy in a cost effective way.

Efficiency & Productivity

You will get a risk free opportunity to transform your pharmacy into a more efficient and cost effective community pharmacy. In the event that I cannot provide any savings, efficiency or productivity improvements to your business you do not pay me anything.

Overcome Challenges

I am ambitious and passionate about what I do and I don't take no for an answer, just overcome challenges. With my help you can reduce your disruptive factors and create a structure that facilitates greater efficiency.

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