Customer Service is NOT Complicated

Providing professional customer service has been complicated by the many thousands of courses and books on the subject. I am passionate about great customer service, in my opinion it’s not difficult. In fact, it’s quite simple. The language has changed but the fundamentals remain the same and to my mind it is centered upon the P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.
P stands for the professional: It is vitally important to personalise your job, or business, to perform with a certain degree of passion, to project a sense of interest in it, to create and promote professional relationships with customers and colleagues alike. Simply put it means doing your best.
E stands for efficiency: Each member of staff has a role and within that role a series of responsibilities. In order for the different aspects of the business to work cohesively every employee has to fulfill the responsibilities inherent in their role as efficiently as possible and where this is not possible to ask for the required assistance.
R stands for respect, Customers and colleagues alike deserve to be treated with respect with courtesy and good manners requiring no training but a firm commitment to treat others as you would wish to be treated.Promote a business culture that supports both the internal and external customer.
S stands for smile; a friendly smile costs nothing and speaks volumes. A smile and cheery greeting welcomes and creates a good customer experience. It is important to greet customers and be responsive without being invasive.
O stands for options and opportunities, product knowledge will allow you to provide informed choices for customers, and offer’s opportunities for linking sales. We have an opportunity every day to bring our unique personality into all our interactions.
N stands for name. It is not always possible but when it is greet customers by name. Customers will appreciate that you remember and acknowledge them. The importance of building customer relationships, really connecting with customers cannot be under-estimated. .
A stands for appearance, ability and attitude: A smart appearance in any business is essential, as customers judge how much you know by how professional you look. A good willing attitude is communicated to customers and colleagues through speech, tone, and body language. A positive attitude together with respect for customers demonstrates that you care and value their business.
L stands for listening; actively, listening to customers provides the information to properly advise them on selecting the best product and price options for their needs and price range. Listening to customers also provides the opportunity to empathise and resolve issues before they escalate.

Life, Relationships, Work, are personal to us, we put our personality into all areas of our lives. When we make it personal we put our personal stamp on everything we do.


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