Optimise Your Processes

Keeping the current cuts and situation in mind, I feel that every Pharmacy owner has to stream line their operation processes, reduce their stock levels, implement efficient systems, and try to increase their services in order to bind your customers to your pharmacy.

The Pharmacist will be more in demand than ever before and should be talking and advising your customers as much as possible. Customer service is the main key to everlasting success. Therefore the most expensive and important staff member’s time has to be freed up as much as possible. Take away all unnecessary tasks (some paperwork, counting, preparing etc.) from your pharmacist.

I can help you to transform your pharmacy business to become more efficient and cost effective by establishing and implementing SOP’s (standard operating procedures), reduce your stock levels, reduce your outgoing costs and introduce new services. Please remember I do not only tell you what should be done, I do implement the changes hands on. I have a proven Testimonial record, please see my website www.pharmacycostsaver.ie for all details, and feel free to contact the individuals.

Again, thanks so much for your time and I hope that everything is going well for you and your company. Please feel free to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION Meeting, today. I would really appreciate your business. If you have any questions, please call me at 087-61 33 333 or send me a quick mail to joe@pharmacycostsaver.ie

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