OTC Improvements

To achieve success in your OTC performance you have to put the customer at the center of everything you do. Providing satisfactory customer service is not enough you have to impress and wow your customers by going that extra mile. If you do not, your competitors will happily oblige. Creating a great customer experience is not difficult when everyone in the business is committed to providing customer service to both external and internal customers. This means working as a team, and although you may not be directly serving customers everything you do is supporting your colleagues who are.

The customer experience begins from every touch point, from the outside in, and in today’s digital world, from your online presence.

Ask yourself the following questions, from the customer point of view:

  • – What does the customer see?
  • – Is the outside of the building clean?
  • – Is the lighting bright and working?
  • – Is the signage effective?
  • – Is your logo, your branding, visible?
  • – Are the windows clean, is there a good visual display?
  • – Is the shop door cluttered with notices and signs?
  • – Overhead your shop, what image is that portraying?
  • – As customers enter the shop is there a welcome mat with your logo?
  • – Is the information on your website and on your Facebook page up to date?
  • – What does the customer see and feel when they enter the pharmacy?
  • – Are customers greeted by name (if known) and a friendly smile?
  • – Are staff well presented, knowledgeable and friendly?
  • – Is there clear signage and directions?
  • – Are shelves well merchandised and clean?
  • – Is the pharmacy well stocked?
  • – Is the counter area clean and uncluttered?
  • – Are the counter wells stocked with impulse buys changed, and cleaned weekly?
  • – Are customers encouraged to browse if they have to wait for prescription?
  • – Is the waiting area, clean, with seating, and opportunities for purchase?
  • – Can customers clearly see and access the services you provide?


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