McSweeny Pharmacy Group

Dublin based McSweeny Pharmacy Group has 14 pharmacies across the island of Ireland, employs around 90 people and has a turnover of €26 million. McSweeny combines mcsweeney-carhigh-street retail of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and other items with corporate clients including a hospital and the prison medical service of Limerick Jail.

What I did:

  • Examined all aspects of the business, including how it ordered supplies, the quality of its retail operations, the staff and their utilisation, and overall outputs relative to resources.
  • Visited all 14 outlets, contrasting data held at head office with a practical observation of how the business strategy and plans were delivered on the ground.


  • The project was delivered on time, in budget and resulted in €300,000 of savings that went straight to the bottom line.
  • Greater organisation of the centralised warehouse, cutting four deliveries a week per shop down to just one, with huge savings.
  • Changed the procedures for the stocking of shelves, implementing a system pioneered by discount retail chain, Aldi, of using cheaper, night-time labour.
  • Improved the environment of retail outlets by reducing the amount of stocking conducted during business hours.
  • Changed the hours of staff, imposing limits on hours worked with no loss of efficiency by a system installing more accountability.
  • Used more cost effective technicians to perform several mundane tasks, freeing professionally qualified pharmacists to provide a higher level of customer service.

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