25 Points for Successful Implementation of Positive Changes

  1. No Excuses!
  2. Never try to explain why things cannot be done, try to make it work.
  3. Do not worry about problems which do not exist yet.
  4. Do it now.
  5. To do it now starts with a crisis most of the time.
  6. Aim to do it right the first time – all the time.
  7. Improvement should be followed up continuously, criticism comes later.
  8. Take the current situation as the worse.
  9. Monitor very carefully waste problems.
  10. Start now.
  11. Do not over produce paperwork.
  12. Correct faults straight away on the base.
  13. To have no capacity means a lack of brains and willingness.
  14. Use your creativity and not your money. Or you have to work harder.
  15. Adjusting is bad. Adjusting means to give the worker an unsolved problem.
  16. Destroy old ways of thinking.
  17. Make haste while the sun shines, you cannot make money just by counting it.
  18. Spend more time actually doing things, rather than thinking about it.
  19. Always go to the real root cause and ask a why question at least five times.
  20. There is always room for improvement.
  21. Time is the shadow of doing things.
  22. The amount of changes relies on the ability of the person in charge.
  23. Orders without deadlines should be ignored.
  24. Try always to make things much easier for the next process.
  25. Transfer unproductive work into productive work.

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