25 Points for Successful Implementation of Positive Changes

No Excuses! Never try to explain why things cannot be done, try to make it work. Do not worry about problems which do not exist yet. Do it now. To do it now starts with a crisis most of the time. Aim to do it right the first time – all the time. Improvement should […]

Customer Service is NOT Complicated

Providing professional customer service has been complicated by the many thousands of courses and books on the subject. I am passionate about great customer service, in my opinion it’s not difficult. In fact, it’s quite simple. The language has changed but the fundamentals remain the same and to my mind it is centered upon the […]

McSweeny Pharmacy Group

Dublin based McSweeny Pharmacy Group has 14 pharmacies across the island of Ireland, employs around 90 people and has a turnover of €26 million. McSweeny combines high-street retail of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and other items with corporate clients including a hospital and the prison medical service of Limerick Jail. What I did: Examined […]

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