Pharmacy Marketing via Vehicle Branding

car-2Nothing stands out from the crowd in quite the same way that a vehicle wrap does. This promotional activity can target specific customers, in specific locations to support instore sales. Statistics have shown that this type of moving outdoor advertising activity is effective and can be seen by up to 3,000 people in an hour.

I have organised vehicle graphics for a number of Pharmacies and they see a huge difference as a result. We used high resolution images and a good quality vinyl wrap on the car/van. The vinyl wrap is like a second skin and does not damage the vehicle. The vehicle branding company I work with is helpful and professional.

This type of marketing is an excellent and cost effective method of advertising your business and getting your brand out there. Car or Van branding turns traveling time into an advertising opportunity. Whether you are driving, sitting in traffic or just parked on the street, vibrant graphics capture the attention of the public effectively promoting your business, service, or product. It is like having a large moving billboard advertising your business at all times.


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